Ocean Conservancy

Freeflow helped convey the impact of a half a million volunteers around the globe in helping the Ocean Conservancy protect our oceans.

The Challenge

The Ocean Conservancy's annual International Coastal Cleanup® is the world’s largest volunteer effort for oceans and waterways. In 2012, over half a million people participated in the Cleanup, removing 10 million pounds of trash from almost 18,000 miles of coastline. The problem was how to make it easier for so many people all over the world to get involved.

Where is the Cleanup event closest to my home? How do I sign up?

Our Solutions

As a firm specializing in Data Science, Freeflow was a the perfect fit for a web project that needed to showcase global, data rich environmental conservation project. Here´s what we provided that made this project a success

Solution Based in Data Analysis
There was a lot of data to prioritize for showcasing on a map, so Freeflow analyzed prior year´s data for the Coastal Cleanup Project and identified three key data points: number of participants, quantity of trash removed, and miles of coastlined cleaned up. Having established those priorities, Freeflow was ready to get started showcasing them on a web-based interactive map.
Vivid Mapping Interface
To showcase their achievements effectively, the Ocean Conservancy wanted to add a vivid, intuitive interface for people looking to get involved in the Cleanup. Where is the Cleanup event closest to my home? How do I sign up? Freeflow provided something more engaging and effective than the standard Google Maps mashup.
Global Scope
When a visitor first sees the Coastal Cleanup map, they see the worldwide scope. There is a lot of data to show though. Using customized web based mapping technology, we leveraged the Ocean Conservancy’s straightforward but dry list of locations – still maintained in a simple Google spreadsheet – to power a full panorama of the initiatives a visitor can join, with details of personal interest just a click or two away.
Detailed Map Drill Down
Clicking the map pin for a Cleanup site displays the name of the location and offers both a link to further information and a form for signing up on the spot. Information about each new (or previous) participant directly updates the Convio CMS, where the Ocean Conservancy keeps its database of record.