PetSmart Charities

PetSmart Charities is at the forefront of ending pet homelessness in North America, with hundreds of grantees and hundreds of thousands of supporters. What they needed, however, was a digital presence that clearly showcased the breadth and depth of their real-world impact.

The Challenge

Like many major non-profit organizations, PetSmart Charities felt they were burdened by an archaic online presence that was hard to update and did little to spread the word about the great work they were doing in communities across the United States.

They wanted a digital platform worthy of PetSmart Charities’ role as a major force in animal welfare in North America – a platform that would increase brand recognition by providing ongoing donor stewardship updates about its pet welfare programs.

Our Solutions

Working with the PetSmart Charities team, and design and marketing strategy partner PROVOC, we provided the data-driven engine behind their new donor and grantee stewardship platforms.

Freeflow architects designed a content management solution
to help PetSmart Charities showcase and manage their content, focusing on the making content easier to find and helping PetSmart Charities report back on their incredible work, at both the national and state level.
Freeflow web application programmers crafted a custom solution
using Drupal CMS software to serve up a significantly higher volume of content across a wide variety of digital channels, without any increase in staffing resources and with a decrease in content management costs.
Freeflow data integration specialists unified their online constituent databases,
turning both the Facebook and website presence into a tool for acquiring new supports by connecting them to Convio Luminate and, through Drupal-based CRM called RedHen.
Freeflow data planners developed and implementing a content migration strategy,
for initial migration, content type upgrades, and for importing key impact data by state and region.