CRM and Donor Management Implementation

We set-up CRM and donor management platforms to move data seamlessly through your organization, in a secure, structured way.

Data integration is at the heart of Freeflow Digital. We believe a well integrated CRM can be the beating heart of your organization's technology and strategy.

Freeflow was founded to give organizations like yours the tools to address the alarming trend balkanizing nonprofit data. Over the years, as the Internet has introduced newer and more effective tools for engaging your constituents, nonprofits supporter data has become increasingly fragmented.

Today, your data is trapped in silos all across your organization -- in your email marketing tool, in your offline donor database, in your online action center, and in hundreds of spreadsheets spread across on your volunteer and donor managers’ desktops.

"Data integration is at the heart of Freeflow Digital."

Our data services unify constituent data so nonprofits can fully take advantage of it.

Data Analysis
We help you figure out what you can do with your data. No one collects data just for fun. It’s only useful if it's making your donor cultivation program stronger, your email program better, or turning out more volunteers for your events. We understand what you want to do, and will help you manage your technology so it better manager your supporters.
Custom CRM Solutions
We design custom CRM solutions that help you manage your constituent data. And we’re platform agnostic, so we choose the solution that makes the most sense for you from the full list of platform vendors like Salsa, Convio/Luminate, Salesforce, Jackson River and Blackbaud.
Integrated Databases
We integrate supporter databases so nonprofits can use a wider array of tools and services. We work with anything from flat files and Excel sheets, to hosted CRM platforms, to major onsite data warehouses.
Data Synchronization
We help nonprofits automate data synchronization between systems -- if you have repetitive data tasks, odds are they can be automated. Every day, we help organizations sync their data internally, with a hosted vendor (like XXX, YYY, and ZZZ), or a mix between the two.
Whatever it Takes
We do whatever it takes to get your data into shape. By putting your data under through our DBA boot camp, we can whip it into shape through simple cleaning, complex deduplication, or wholesale restructuring.
Interested in getting more out of your data and your databases? Contact us today and we’ll help you harness your data for social good.

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