Data Science & Business Intelligence

We give you the tools and guidance to convert your data into actionable intelligence, for mobilizing supporters, raising money, and more.

Actionable intelligence is the mantra behind our data science: we help nonprofits get the most out of their supporter engagement and fundraising data.  

From donors and members to voters and volunteers, your constituent data (and how you make it available to your staff) is critical to the success of your program and your organization.  That why our team of DBAs, data scientists, and statisticians sift through client data, unearthing clear conclusions that give your organization even clearer direction.

And we can help you, too:

Data Science
We help you take knowledge from your data, turning overwhelming heaps of data points from dozens of repositories into a narrative that you can use to make concrete business decisions. We interpret data, we help you segment it into usable, testable chunks, and report on how your program is executing. We keep up to date with the latest in data science and modeling trends, so you get the benefit of actionable business intelligence without having to understand the minutia of SQL or Excel.
Data Visualization
We have a “thing” for reporting and visualization of data for nonprofit executives and their staff. We can help you build your own reports for your organization or build them for you. We specialize in dynamic reports and particularly relish turning complex data into easy to understand visualizations, mapping mashups, and drill-downs.
Data Integration Strategy
We help you understand your data options, synchronizing application databases so nonprofits can use a wider array of tools and services and ensuring that critical business intelligence makes it out of your organization’s silos and into your organization’s decision making processes.
Have a mountain of data you need to synthesize into an actionable business plan? Let us know who you are, and we’ll tell you how we can help.

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